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Can a Good Pool Cue Make a Difference In Your Play?

by bigtimeenriquez on / Billiards & Games

Upping Your Game

Pool players fall under two categories: those who play for fun and those who play by the rules. While both ways of playing have their merit, those who play by the rules are looking for an experience that allows them to increase their pool skills. While many number of things can contribute to good playing skills, any pool player knows that part of what can make or break a game is the tools that you use. Below are some of the tools of the trade and what to look for in a winning set of tools.


Possibly the most important part of the game are the balls. While it is crucial to figure out which type of ball you need depending on what sort of game you are playing (e.g. pool, snooker, billiards, etc.), it may be just as crucial to figure out what quality works best for you. Typically, size, shape and weight alter all shots taken in the game, and higher-quality balls will pay better attention to this. If you are really looking to make a difference, inspecting the quality of the balls is crucial.


The felt on a table is especially important, as it is what will keep your ball rolling. Things to look for in quality felt are the tightness of the felt, the dryness of the felt, and the cleanness of the felt. The tightness of the felt will allow for the ball to roll faster, as a loose felt will cause more friction. Additionally, the dryness and the cleanness will allow the ball for a flatter, more pristine surface to play on — therefore making a quicker and more precise shot.


Lastly, the cue itself is without a doubt the king of the winning shot. Angling the cue ball will get it in the right direction and give it the right amount of bounce to make a winning shot, but there are cues that are much better than others. Like the pool balls, size and shape are vital. In fact, every thing on the cue — from the wood all the way down to the joint and pin — is important. It is suggested that each time you play pool you inspect your cue after to make sure that it is in good condition. Additionally, keep in mind that the weight of the cue will play a part in how far it goes.

Before buying any cue, always make sure to check out pool cues for sale. If you do this with your cues, as well as all of your gear, you will be on the right path.

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