Beginning Billiards

Billiards congress of America : The Billiards Congress of America, an authority on all things billiards, offers this list of official billiards rules.

Official 8-Ball Rules: For an alternate opinion, here is a list of official rules from the Billiards Club of America.

The Difference Between Cue Sports : This is a handy little guide that it explains the difference between the many different cue sports

Billiards for Beginners : Billiards for Beginners breaks down what beginning pool and billiard players need to know.
Beginning Billiards : This website helps the reader understand the difference between pool, snooker and billiards.

Maintaining Your Table

Maintain Your Table Felt: Containing information on how to maintain the most important part of your table — the surface itself!

Maintaining Your Pool Board : This website contains comprehensive maintenance tips for making your pool board clean.

Pool Maintenance 101 : Whereas the previous two links highlight particular facets of the table itself, this is an overview of all pieces and parts of the pool board that need care.

For Fun

The History of Billiards & Pool : This fun site talks about the origins of our favorite game.

Colorado State Fun Facts : If you are in the mood to learn a few fun facts about billiards, then this site is for you.

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